Friday, August 11, 2006

Sabbath brings us in touch with the world

I like this excerpt from Marva Dawn's book Keeping the Sabbath Wholly It speaks to me about why I am so drawn to Sabbath- for truly it is a part of participating in what God is doing to change the world.

"A Sabbath focus...does not remove us from the world; it simply gives us a larger perspective for plunging into its needs and sufferings more deeply. For example, our Sabbath feasting challenges us to become more involved in providing food for the hungry and economic possibilities for the oppressed. Our experience of the peace of God's presence in our Sabbath worship and our listening to Scripture texts that proclaim God's purposes of peace motivate us to become more active in working for peace in the world- serving as agents for reconciliation in our offices and neighborhoods, voting for local and national candidates who will work for global peace, contributing to agencies that build peace by establishing justice. Our celebration of the Sabbath festival gives us hope and strength and power for dealing with all the work and events of the week to come in worshipful ways. Most of all, Sabbath celebration gives us a deep sense of the Joy that is ours because of the resurrection of Christ, and that festival Joy equips us to glorify God in whatever tasks we might undertake in the following six days"

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  1. I think this is an especially timely moment for this Sabbath series as so many of us head into a new school year and all the scramble that entails!