Saturday, December 16, 2006


This week, one of my daughter's preschool teachers (Pam) shared a story with me about Shannon. They were talking this week about Jesus' birth. The teacher (Donna) asked "does anyone know where Jesus was born?"

Pam said you could just see it on Shannon's face that she was searching her mind, thinking she should know the answer to this question. Apparently, the the pastor's kid is already starting to feel the pressure.

Finally, Donna prompted them by saying "Beth..." and Shannon yelled out with great excitment "Bethany Beach!"

Someday, I'll be able to explain to her that she was actually correct on one level. Jesus' birth was for all times in all places for all people. For now, I'll just smile every time I think of Bethelehem, for it will remind me of my sweet child in an even more special way now (I did get to be pregnant over Christmas with her). And I will enjoy telling the story again this summer when we go back to Bethany Beach for vacation.

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