Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Vacation Accomplishments

I am three days into a four week vacation. So far, I have visited my daughter's future kindergarten (Monday), donated 9 bags of maternity clothes to the Pregnancy Center, gone to my new yoga class, and successfully prepared a special family meal (Tuesday), and slept until almost 9a.m. this morning (thank you sweet husband).

I have made plans to visit my sister for Thursday and Friday, and we are visiting friends in VA for the MLK weekend.

And my anxiety is mounting. It moves between "what if I don't accomplish everything I want to while I am off?" and "what if I can't refocus away from needing to accomplish stuff and never get to relax?" This is truly pathetic.

I had hoped to visit a retreat center today to center and focus myself, but Ray has been sick for the past few days, and I could not just leave him with caring for the kids for 12 or so hours while he is feeling lousy.

So, here's hoping that spending time away from my own house for five days will put me in a "vacation" state of mind....

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