Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Happy Easter!

Yes, I know, we celebrated on April 8. But I am on a personal crusade to remind/teach the world that Easter is actually 50 days long.

So, that means that my Easter reflections are...right on time.

Holy Week and Easter were quite a blessing. (The week following, I took it easy, hence, no blogging.) The Maundy Thursday worship, with the drama focused on Mary the Mother of Jesus after the crucifixion was amazing. God really used Marian Harvey especially. The Saturday night Easter vigil was also tremendous. There were more than 70 folks gathered together for the "passover" of Jesus from death to life. We began outside with the fire, moved inside for scripture at stations, then onto the Commitment to Christian Community by the first folks to join Jacob's Well, and finally communion, prayer, and baptism remembrance stations with anointing. But we were still not done. We had a special offering for JuJu, our worship leader at Jacob's Well, who needed help getting back to South Africa. God provided $1,000...and an amazing song. JuJu wrote this:

Jacob's Well

Verse 1:
We came in hurt, we were all lost,
but you paid the cost
For all the wrong that we had done
you sacrificed your Son
And as we gather in this place
you fill us with your grace and love
O we need your Spirit Lord
It's our prayer, we ask in one accord

O this is our cry Lord,Love
So this is our prayer Lord, More
It's the place where hearts become restored
Our sins at the altar Lord we lay
Close to you is where we want to stay
In your presence we all want to dwell
Lord we pray, fill up Jacob's Well

Verse 2:
Our lives and love we give to you
Your Spirit helps us through
And in your arms we want to stay
Each and every day
So take this offering of of praise
It is from our hearts and souls
We still need your Spirit Lord
It's our prayer, we ask in one accord

As we gather here, we open our doors
May the weak and hurt find peace inside these walls
And as a family we stand tall and we proclaim
This church will not be shaken
We stand in Jesus' name
He recorded it at Ross and Gina's house (thank you God) and it has been stuck in my head since Easter.
What an amazing blessing to watch God work in our Church family...it's hard to believe that Jacob's Well is now a year old.

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