Tuesday, November 06, 2007

This is the difference...

On Sunday evening, we hosted some clergy family friends at the house for dinner. Ray and I are most motivated to clean house in response to someone coming over. The dining room table was cleared for the first time since August 25 (Jacob's 3rd Birthday party). The clutter from all over the house was either sorted through and thrown away, or hidden in the basement.

As I was making dinner preparations, Ray was doing a great job of leading the cleaning brigade. Jacob is able to push the vacuum cleaner, which he loves. Shannon was into polishing the dining room chairs. Ray sprayed on the wood polish, and Shannon dusted her little heart out.

We even got out the china, which we have not done in more than a year, I am sure. I was embarrassed to discover that some of the dishes still have sale stickers on them. Mind you, we have been married for 12 years.

As we were all going about our tasks, Shannon paused and said "this is the difference between having cousins over for dinner and other people over for dinner."

We all had a good laugh. My daughter sure is an observant 5 year old.


  1. LOL! How cute! When me daughter was three we were cleaning one day and she said, "we're cleaning? Grandma and grandpa are coming!" She got so excited. It was sad having to tel her that this time we were just cleaning the house because it needed it!

  2. Good story. One less year of marriage and I too just took off a sales sticker.

  3. wonderful story!

    i can totally relate. my kids are 12, 9, and 6 and the first question they ask when we tell them we have to "clean" is "who's coming over?"