Sunday, July 27, 2008


I have had several ideas for my first post since I returned. I walked into my office to find it cleaned up and a big welcome back banner with notes from our commuity. What a gift!

I am preaching on the Kingdom of Heaven today from Matthew...always thought stirring.

But this morning, I am thinking of the conversation with my daughter last night, and it keeps coming back to me.

We are often the last two at the table becuase she is a slow eater. She brought up the subject of playing with younger kids. She told me, again, that she likes to play with older kids, not younger ones. Why does she have to play with younger kids? I asked how she would feel if the older kids she likes to play with decided they don't like playing with her?

I explained that it's not an option to play only with older a Christian, she is nice to everyone.

Then I asked about her younger brother: "What about Jacob? You like playing with him"

Her reply was "yeah, but I love him."

Ahhh... love... it makes all the difference.

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