Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Reflections on the week...

Well, I finally slogged through my back email. I have been struggling to get below the 150 mark for weeks. I finally got down to the bottom of the pile so to speak. I figured I would go for a final catch up move and write a blog entry! Joy!

I was honestly surprised to see that some of my back email went to DECEMBER. Yikes. Naturally, it was e-news stuff that is out of date now. Even more frightening: there are now 13 email floating somewhere in the distant past (before August 08) that are unread and I cannot find. Good grief. I love the gmail function of storing my email so that I can search for things later, but this is definitely the down side.

On a different note....
The leadership retreat on Saturday was truly a blessing. Twenty of us gathered with Anita Wood and used "Spiritual Exercises for Church Leaders" as a guide for the day. It is always a blessing to come together to draw closer to God and to each other at least annually with our fabulous leadership. I am so grateful to God for this community of faith.

More gratitude...
I am also grateful for the flexible scheduling that is my life. I overslept this morning (rather significantly! guess I am not 100% recovered from sinus infection yet) and I can work until 11p.m. to make it up.

It has been a week full of warmer weather, sunshine, and lots of grace. And I am grateful.

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