Monday, June 27, 2011

Final Blog Post

I have been giving this some thought and prayer for several months now.... the time has come to end my blog. When I first began blogging, I would have all kinds of creative ideas for blogging. It felt very Spirit led and inspired. Over the past year or more, I have felt more burdened than blessed by this; it has become a chore. So... that means my blogging, at least now, will come to an end.

As I transition out of Chesapeake City and into Wesley in Dover, it seems like a natural time to make the transition. I still need to copy off some of my older posts that I want to save.

Thanks for sharing the journey with me during this time. I am honored that you have read what I have written.



  1. We readers are honored that you shared.


  2. Looking forward to the day you are lead to begin writing again. Thank you for sharing it with us Amy :).