Sunday, November 19, 2006

God is Working in Providing for the Shelter

God has been working in some wonderful ways. Trinity had a special Ad Council meeting after worship to consider the question of hosting a week of the rotating shelter. There was no opposition to hosting the shelter at Trinity. We asked and answered questions, and then we voted unanimously to host a week. It is looking like it will be the last week of February; we are working on confirming the date.

Then on Thursday, God sent Linda into my office. She has experienced a sense of call. She feels called to serve the homeless, and particularly to help establish a permanent shelter in Elkton. She is absolutely on fire with God's love. I could just see it bursting from her heart; she was so excited and joyful to see God's hand and experience God's call upon her life. She is a gifted organizer and fundraiser. It is so awesome to see God set someone on fire to use their gifts for the Kingdom.

Linda will be site supervisor in December for the week we are sharing with our ecumencial sisters and brothers of Chesapeake City. She is praying about also supervising the week at Trinity. God is so good!