Thursday, November 30, 2006

Zoo Keeper

On Wednesday morning, my daughter and son came running into my bedroom as I was getting dressed. They climbed on the bed, and scrambled under the covers, giggling and shouting "The Lion is coming!"

Shannon had asked her father to play Lion. This consisted of my husband chasing them with roaring noises. They loved it.

Then, after things settled, out of nowhere Shannon said "I hope I don't have to be a zoo keeper when I grow up."

My husband said, "honey, you can be whatever you want to be."

Shannon replied with shock in her voice "But I thought God will decide what I will be!?!"

Wow. She's been listening when we say that God will call her to do what God wants her to do when she grows up. So much so that she had not even considered she would have some say in the matter. No wonder Jesus talked about children when he talked about faithfulness.

So we explained that God generally calls us to do things using the gifts and abilities God has given us, and that we often enjoy what God calls us to do. In other words, if you would hate being a zoo keeper, God probably won't call you to do that.

I should have such a sense of obedience....