Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mayonnaise = Spring

I made broccoli salad again yesterday. In fact, I had to buy more mayonnaise and miracle whip at the store, because I have made broccoli salad so many times in the past month. I also got a craving for potato salad from The Glass Kitchen, so I stopped there on my way home and picked up a quart.

All of this means one thing for certain: Spring is coming. I can go almost entirely without mayonnaise through winter. I don't necessarily eat much of it in the fall either. (The exceptions would be a church dinners.) When I do eat sandwiches, it is very often without mayo.

But in salads....well that is where the mayo gets heavy. I find that salads like potato, broccoli, macaroni, pasta, etc., etc., etc., are really spring and summer dishes.

Everyone has their own indicators that Spring is coming. Mine can be measured by a mayonnaise jar.


  1. loved this :)

    Today the student council did the morning devotion /assembly

    they started by reading different words associated with summer, strawberries, green grass, swimming, ice-cream, birds singing - don't think they mentioned mayonnaise though!

    and then announced there's only 54 more school days until the summer holidays. I rejoiced with them.

    PS we don't get miracle whip here in Finland though. (unfortunately)

  2. If you ever visit my part of the world, I will be glad to buy you a jar of miracle whip...it's lovely.

  3. My brother-in-law (born and bred South Carolinian) says it like this:
    "MAY-NAYS" and swears the only true "maynays" is Duke's. (Which my sister carried back to Oregon in her carry-on - six jars!!! - before the "gel and toothpaste rule" went into effect.)

    I'm a MW gal myself...

    fun post!