Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Perfect Program....

Today, Megan (Youth director) and Maura (Preschool director) went to New Jersey for the funeral of our Administrator's father. It was a good day of bonding for us as a staff...that sort of things happens when driving 110 miles together, worshipping together, and eating together.

As we were driving home, Megan was talking about something she had read. Ben Franklin or some similar great thinker and inventor had an unusual sleep pattern. He would sleep in small stretches. For naps, he would deliberately sleep with an open book in his hands, and when he would fall deeply asleep, it would fall off of his lap, and wake him. The dreams he thus remembered using this method were the source of much of his inspiration.

We laughed about this might be interesting to try, but also the waste of a good nap.

Since my immune system has been fighting something this week, I was wiped out by the time we got home. I went home to take a nap.

You guessed it- I awoke in the middle of my nap with the perfect idea: the way to end worrying. It was a beautiful plan. It had four involved small groups. I sat up in bed thinking, "I should write this down! ....but then I would awake from this great nap!" As you can guess, sleep won the day.

But then I had a dream that I really did write it all down. The plan was even better in this dream. Then I awoke again, realized what was going on, and still did not get up. I had forgotten that I had a pen and paper by my bedside.

So, the world will have to go on worrying, I guess. The memory that it was so enormously clever it just might work, had four parts, and involved small groups is all that is left in my memory (despite assurances to myself that I would remember it all when I awoke...after all, who could forget such an amazing idea?)

Looks like I missed the opportunity of a lifetime to provide a solution. But I had a great nap.

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