Saturday, February 27, 2010

Telling Stories

I have recently become keenly aware of the fact that my kids, ages 5 and 7, are in full story telling mode. They drink up stories. They ask for them to be told in the car when we are riding. I have also realized that its now or never in terms of being intentional about family devotions and Bible stories if I want them to be a part of their lives. My 7 year old, Shannon, can handle them well. Jacob. at 5, is hit or miss.

So I have taken to telling Bible stories in the car. When we drove an hour to my sister's, I told them the story of Joseph, Moses, and the Exodus. When we drove home last night and Jacob asked for a story, I told the story of the Exile. At the end he said "that was a sad story Mommy." I agreed that it is. I also pointed out that it ends with hope.

We also found a family devotion guide that we like. It is "365 Little Visits: Building Faith for a Lifetime" Vol. 4, published by Concordia. Two weeks ago, we read one about a child who found a $100 bill and imagined what she could buy. Then imaged how sad the person who lost it would be. So she turned it in to the school office. That evening, my kids found a $5 "gift card" (I think it was a coupon) on the street outside church. So they turned it in (to me!). It is in my office. I am unsure what to do with it, but each time I see it, I smile. It feels like God's sense of humor.

Our devotional life as a family waxes and wanes. I hope that we are turning over a new leaf. I hope that my kids memories are full of bible stories and faith conversations. I want them to have a sense of identity and groundedness in God's stories and in faith experiences that keeps them centered for a life time. That part is not all up to me, I know... but here's hoping!

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