Thursday, May 13, 2010

JJ the Fish

I am allergic to anything on four legs; this includes hamsters. I have passed this along to my poor children. They are therefore pet deprived. I have to admit that I am quite happy to be pet free, though, as it has seldom felt like I am missing anything other than more responsibility. (At least, this is what I tell myself.)

Of course,one of the few pets left open to us are fish. So it happened at Christmas: we became the proud owners of three goldfish and one algae eater. This was due the generosity of a sister in Christ who gave us everything from tank to contents.

My kids named each fish. I am not convinced they can tell the three goldfish apart, but they definitely remember their names (alas, I do not). The little black algae eater was named JJ. JJ could be found hugging the walls of the tank, and always required effort to locate. This fish quickly became my sons favorite.

Last night my saint of a husband finally got to the task of cleaning the tank with the kids. It was about a month overdue (ugh...responsibility). When they went hunting for JJ, you guessed it, he was nowhere to be found.

Ray said Jacob sobbed his little heart out. Ray promised him we would get a replacement fish. And I was tucking my daughter into bed last night, she too was telling the story. She shared how she did not cry, but she felt bad for her brother. Then she told me how she prayed with Jacob and for JJ.

I was absolutely touched....and so grateful that this was her response to her hurting brother.

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