Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Law of Flat Space

My father taught me about the law of flat space. It is this: if there is a flat space, something will be placed on it. My dining room table and the desk in my office are testimony to the truth of this law. I am truly blessed with a husband who has accepted me, clutter and all.

It is not that I don't want to be organized and clutter free. It's just that...something more important always gets in line ahead of such things as cleaning my desk. Like today- covenant group meeting, lunch with a church leader, and then time spent with a grieving family preparing for a funeral. You have to admit, these are pretty good excuses.

But the last straw came today, when I found in my in bin the book I had asked Sandy to order for me. And I found it again, on my desk, where it had been buried for several months. I am now the proud owner of two copies. Woops! I now have a home and an office copy. Fortunately, it is a reference book of which I could actually use two. This discovery led me to actually uncover an entire 8.5 x 11 inch flat space on my desk. I thought of taking a picture, but I didn't want you to see the surrounding clutter. You understand...

There is always something better to do than organize, file, straighten, and sort. But these next five weeks are going to be different! I am going to tackle this problem....and hopefully find a way to get better organized, and prevent such clutter from ....making me order two copies of the same book!

Christians, especially Methodists, talk about something called going onto perfection. It actually refers to being made perfect in love. I am truly grateful that clutter is not anywhere a part of the doctrine. The idea of "Christian perfection", also called "entire sanctification," is that it is possible for God to make someone perfect in their ability to love God and neighbor. It is an admittedly rare occurrence.

I like to say that this doctrine is one of the reasons I look forward to being a Christian all of my days. I want to see if and how God is going to pull this off. Who knows...if God can make human beings perfect in our ability to love, perhaps God can find a way to enable me to get rid of my clutter. I am certain that would answer one of my husband's prayers.

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