Thursday, July 06, 2006


I am reading a new book by Marva Dawn. It is The Sense of the Call: A Sabbath Way of Life for Those Who Serve God, the Church, and the World . I really like this author.

She is one of two authors with whom I have shared the experience of buying a book of hers, only to get home and discover I have more of her writing already on my bookshelf. The other author this has happened with is James Howell. Neither author is especially well known, and apparently their names were not so memorable to me! But their subject matter is so compelling, that I end up buying multiple pieces of their work without even realizing I am buying the same author.

Marva has written extensively on Sabbath. This current book is leading me to seriously consider a sermon series on Sabbath.

She writes about the importance of Sabbath in maintaining a sense of call to ministry. Without Sabbath, it is possible to believe it is all up to me. Sabbath reminds me that ultimately kingdom work is God's work, and I am just an instrument. Ceasing from work reminds me who is truly leading and working. Without Sabbath, it is also possible to get a savior complex and believe the world cannot survive without me.

God created people with a need for this Sabbath rhythm. Without at least day to lie fallow, and rest in God, I lose all of my creative energy. Today, I feel like I am just recovering my spiritual energy and rhythm. I have been out of rhythm for several weeks, and I am grateful for the renewed sense of balance and trust.

Thinking about Sabbath makes me think about busyness. Marva makes the case that pastors should not be overcome with busyness. That is a worldly rhythm, not a kingdom rhythm. I think she is right. Busyness communicates that not having enough time for people. And it's really about relationship. Relationship is nourished in the soil of time and presence.

I hope to grow in my ability to eschew the world's perspective that busyness is a sign of success and importance. I'd like to hear myself saying much more often that I am doing absolutely nothing- that would certainly be counter cultural!

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  1. wow - this book sounds so interesting, and I enjoyed what you wrote. Thanks!