Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Update:The Big Meeting on the Homeless Shelter

Last night at Town Point Administrative Council we had quite a full house. 56 people by my count were present; the majority of them are from outside of our church family. It was great to have so many folks come into the church.

Tyra Parker from Meeting Ground was present, and she did a great job answering questions for folks. Many questions and concerns were expressed. Several disciples of Jesus spoke from their hearts about their faith in God to make this rotating homeless shelter happen. A few left feeling differently than when they arrived. One woman shared with me that she had signed a petition in opposition prior to the meeting, but that when she heard the Scripture read, she suddenly realized she had been wrong. I look forward to seeing her Sunday. I am grateful to her for showing me the work and presence of the Holy Spirit. God also moved in many of the folks who are opposed to the shelter, but committed to responding to the problem of homelessness. They asked to be contacted by Meeting Ground about being on the committee that will work toward a long term solution of a permanent shelter.

After 2 1/2 hours of concerns, questions, and testimony, we moved to the Administrative Council part of the meeting. The Administrative Council voted that only members of Ad Council would vote, rather than opening up to the church membership. We decided that since not all church members knew they would be able to vote, it would have had to have been announced in advance to do such a thing.

The vote was 6 against hosting the shelter at Town Point, and 5 in favor. This morning, after checking the listing of current Ad Council membership, I learned that one of the persons who voted is no longer on the Council. We had already set a meeting for Nov. 12, so we will have to vote again on that night, since we are now at a tie.

I know that God is working in and through this... through the hearts of individuals gathered there last night, by raising up new volunteers to address the problem of homelessness, and by requiring Town Point to carefully consider this...twice.

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