Saturday, May 13, 2006


I have begun to love to garden. Before moving to Chesapeake City in 2003 I had no experience gardening. None. I was not even interested. I was fond of saying that if there was a law against killing green things, I would be in jail. It's still mostly true.

But something about living on nearly an acre of land, with a patch that is ragged looking from all the previous vegetable gardens that occupied the plot when other pastors lived here...well, it got me started.

I'm still not much of a gardener. And if past habits hold true, I really only love it until while the weather is comfortably below 90 degrees and the weeds are not overwhelming.

I also have the easiest garden around. It's really a community garden. This is because George Park tills it, and periodically puts grass clippings down to keep away weeds. And if I get really pathetic, Barbara Park has been known to weed for me. I am grateful for church folks as neighbors who love to be outdoors.

Today, I actually went outside and measured my garden plot. Then I checked the plant tags to see how much space they each say they need.

I had a blast at the plant store on Thursday. Red tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, okra, eggplant, red bell peppers, jalepeno peppers, yellow wax hot peppers, zucchini and squash. And for the first time this year, I planted SEEDS. Green beans, and carrots. I even threw in some basil and oregano, just to see if I could score some good herbs. Hey, why not, right?

So, I plotted it out and guess what? I can fit in almost all of the plants! Joy of joys.

I think there is really something to simple pleasures, and seeing them as such. I am hopeful that in addition to some good eats, I will have some good insights as I garden.

The whole idea of bringing life and food is spellbinding.

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