Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mind Block

I have been struggling lately to think of topics for this blog. I think I expect too much of myself. So rather than work myself into a frenzy about trying to think of something wonderfully insightful and inspiring, I am going to just write and see what happens!

I had a God moment today centered around the Twila Paris song "How Beautiful." I was so hooked on singing it in the car, that I got out my Emmaus song book and began singing and driving in an attempt to memorize the words. I was reminded of a report of a study that singing creates vibrations that release endorphins. So basically, singing to myself in the car really can put me in a better place.

Back to "How Beautiful." When I walked into the office, I mentioned to Sandy, the Administrative Assistant, that the song was stuck in my head. She said she loves the song, and had just ordered the soundtrack for accompaniment to sing. So I asked her if she would like to sing on Sunday! It felt like a God moment.

I find that I am really looking forward to worship this month of June. The first Sunday of June is Pentecost, one of my favorite days. Then the following week, Jack Shitama is preaching on the DaVinci Code, while I am at Annual Conference. Then Father's Day weekend, Four For Him is going to sing. They are an amazing men's quartet who sing a capella. Then the last Sunday of June, a Harps to Halos, a Blues ministry, is going to sing. God has really brought us all sorts of blessings!


  1. Funny thing about bibles. They can have a magnet effect. When my mother passed away one of her possessions that captured my attention was a very old bible sitting on her book shelf. I don't remember noticing it before. But once it caught my eye I became enamored of it. Someone had pasted small tabs on every book with the name of the book on it. I am almost positive that someone other than my mother did the pasting and labeling. It just didn't seem like she would do that sort of thing. There must be a story behind this and I wish she could tell me about it. Now it sits on my book shelf.