Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Wrapped in Love

Aunt Barbara knits the most wonderful sweaters for the children in our family. She knits year round in preparation for Christmas sweater giving. Every time I put one of these sweaters on my children, I feel like I am wrappping them in love. It is if by putting the sweater on them, it announces to the world: "this child is loved!"

Baptism is supposed to be like this. The waters wash over us, and the Spirit settles upon us. It identifies us as beloved, cherished children of God. We are people worth dying for.
Martin Luther (founder of the Protestan Remformation and main reason all Christians are not either Roman Catholic or Orthodox Christians) used to get in the shower, and as the water washed over him, he would say to himself "I am baptized."

What if every time I took a shower and put on clothes, I stopped to feel loved, cherished, wrapped in God's arms? I think God would be pleased.

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